First in Fort McMurray - Greely’s Kindergarten is Full STEAM Ahead for 2017-18

Sam Quarterman, Greely's Kindergarten teacher is excited for STEAM programming next yearSam Quarterman, Greely's Kindergarten teacher is excited for STEAM programming next year

Greely Road Public School is going full STEAM ahead with its 2017-18 programming. STEAM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, which will be front and centre in Kindergarten starting this September - a first for Fort McMurray. Additionally, “The Leader in Me,” program is also happening this fall.

STEAM Kindergarten will have programs infused with lessons and activities, which involve all five areas mentioned above. In addition to working on numeracy and literacy skills, the STEAM program will offer students opportunities to develop their creative talents via the arts. Coding, 3D printing and more is also in the line-up.

“Kindergarten students will also be introduced to science and technology concepts using various software programs. Some of these programs that are currently being explored include Beebot, Osmo, and Dot n Dash.  Students will also have the opportunity to create a variety of educationally-related materials using a 3-D printer. There are only a few such programs in Alberta and Greely Road School is the only one to offer it in Fort McMurray,” notes Brian Mullally, Principal, Greely Road Public School.


                      L-R: New to the robot line: Dot and Dash are ideal for preschool coding. DREMEL is a 3D Printer allowing students to learn by doing

Samantha Quarterman, Greely’s Kindergarten Teacher is excited for the initiative.

“Each child starts out as a natural-born scientist. They want answers to those “why” questions and love to learn how things work in the world around them,” Quarterman shares.

“Incorporating elements of STEAM in our Early Learning Program at Greely Road School next year is going to give students a hands-on learning approach and a new way to support a child’s wonder of the world,” she adds.

One of  FMPSD’s perennial favourites, “The Leader in Me,” is also happening at Greely starting this fall.

“The Leader in Me,” embraces the tenet that all children are leaders. Based on Franklin Covey’s The 7 Habits,  it empowers students to grow as leaders.

“We are excited to see strong programs like STEAM Kindergarten and “The Leader in Me,” coming to Greely Road. With all the new changes coming to grow and strengthen the school, these programs will be appreciated by our students, staff, and parents,” said Doug Nicholls, Superintendent, FMPSD.

Register online here or call the school at 780-791-7470 for additional information.

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