FMPSD Celebrates Ukrainian Heritage Day

Photo Courtesy: Greg Halinda Photography Photo Courtesy: Greg Halinda Photography

Fort McMurray Public School District is delighted to celebrate the inaugural Ukrainian Heritage Day. Alberta designated September 7 as Ukrainian Heritage Day last year.

We have many families who hail from Ukraine, and are delighted with the announcement. Greg Halinda, an FMPSD parent, and photographer hails from the Eastern European nation. His daughter, Gwenna, (picture below) participates in the local Ukrainian dance scene. 

"We take pride in watching our daughter learn Ukrainian dance and we enjoy celebrating Ukrainian holiday feasts. Marking a Ukrainian Heritage Day is a great way to pay tribute to the hard work of Ukrainian pioneers who helped make Alberta a vibrant and diverse province. We also love being able to celebrate our heritage in a community and school district that encourages understanding and respect for all cultures and faiths," Halinda says.



                                                                                                                                     Photo Courtesy: Greg Halinda Photography

Sandra Esler, Administrative Assistant in the Inclusive Education department agrees with Halinda. She shares, "being able to have your Ukrainian heritage celebrated and to have all the hard work the Ukrainian people have put into this province acknowledged is wonderful. My grandparents came from the Ukraine in 1906 and I am so grateful for this."

Many schools celebrated the event including District Office.