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Board of Trustees

(March 17, 2020) FMPSD Board of Trustees Replaces Current Schedule Amid COVID-19 Concerns

The Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) Board of Trustees passed a motion to replace the current Board meeting schedule amid COVID-19 concerns. The motion was made at a Special Meeting of the Board held electronically today: 

"That the Board of Trustees hold Committee of the Whole (CoW) meetings every two weeks or as often as requested to replace the current CoW and Board meeting schedule to the end of June 2020, and convene special board meetings as required." 

The March 18, 2020 meeting of the Board is the first of the cancellations, along with other Board meetings that were regularly scheduled until the end of June 2020.

The Board will receive regular system updates, and continue to govern and fulfill its duties, but this motion allows us to focus on essential items as they occur; and the flexibility to respond to changes, which arise and require Board direction,” Linda Mywaart, Chair, FMPSD Board of Trustees.

For additional updates, please visit our website, which has a dedicated COVID-19 webpage: www.fmpsdschools.ca/covid.php or follow us @FMPSD on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Fort McMurray Public School Division Board of Trustees

Front L-R: Vice Chair Angela Adams, Chair Linda Mywaart, Trustee Solange Maher

Back L-R: Trustees Stephen Drover, Dan Rizzuto, Tim O'Hara, Jonathan Lambert