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Board of Trustees


During the 2020-21 School year Student Advisory Committees were able to meet virtually three times to discuss questions presented by the board who were seeking input from students on a variety of topics.   
Mental Health was a topic that was on everyone’s mind during the Pandemic, and students were able to provide information about how they were strengthening their mental health, along with the successes they were having with their learning.  Trustees also wanted to find out what challenges students were facing and anything they felt their schools were lacking by way of resources.  

The second day focused on modes of learning for students finding out their preferences and reasons for those preferences.  Also important was finding out if students had the tech they needed to be successful.  Their final request on Day 2 was around curriculum and what  the students hoped the new curriculum would contain. Indigenous Education, financial literacy, Mental Health literacy and career options were just a few topics they were hoping would be a part of the new curriculum.


Students ended the year discussing what they were most looking forward to when they moved back to the school buildings in the fall.  They talked about anything they felt may be needed and how education had improved or declined for them during the pandemic.  Finally, they were asked if there was anything they missed that they would like to see returned to the school for the fall and expressed their feelings of belonging to the school community. It was interesting to note that most of what they mentioned on Day 1 related to Mental Health needs was reflected in their wishes for the return to school.

2020-2021 Student Advisory Committee Members

 Beacon Hill  Lane Klapp (Gr. 6)  Aeiden McNally (Gr. 6)
 Christina Gordon  Ainsley Wood (Gr. 5)  Abby Klemmer (Gr.6)
 Christian School        Nathan Chinguwo (Gr. 4)     
 Dave McNeilly Baillie Fudge (Gr. 6)  Ella Chapman (Gr. 5)
 Dr. Clark Logan Fitzpatrick (Gr. 6)  
 École Dickinsfield Kyle Franklin (Gr. 6)  Sophie Pytak (Gr. 5)
 Greely Road  Denise Mosher (Gr. 6) Menall Ihtesham (Gr. 6)
 Islamic School  Zainab Qamar (Gr. 5)  Zain Hasan (Gr.6)
 Thickwood Olive Allain (Gr.6)  Sophia MacDonald (Gr. 6)
 Timberlea  Allie Brown (Gr.5)  Falynn Richardson (Gr. 6)
 Walter & Gladys  Arhaan Kureshi (Gr. 6)  Vasundhara Joshi (Gr. 6)
 Westview  Kolton MacEachen (Gr. 5)  Ellie Sheppard (Gr. 6)
Christian School Abi Friend Nathan Chinguwo
Composite  Hannah MacDonald Paolo Midino
Composite Patricia Menon  
École McTavish Noel Watson Shaye Serediak
Frank Spragins Alexandria Johnston David Igbodudu
Islamic School Abeera Wasif Baber Akhtar
Westwood Ryan Perera Briana Durin
Westwood E-cademy Manorama Joshi Ramlah Khan