FMPSD Thanks Substitute Teachers Across the District

Sara Ariya Sara Ariya

Sara Ariya enjoys every moment of being a substitute teacher. And, she credits Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD) for giving her this lifestyle, which has benefited her on many levels. March 12 to 16 is Substitute Teachers’ Appreciation Week. We thank Sara and the 48 substitute teachers, or Teachers On Call (TOCs) as we call them for their dedication to our students.

“There are so many reasons I love being a substitute teacher and chose to be a teacher on call this year. It has given me so many skills that have helped me excel - both in life and the classroom. It has taught me patience, how to be quick on my feet, management, and how to stop and smell the roses. It gives me the freedom to raise my daughter and enjoy my pregnancy, and still get to see the lovely, smiling faces of the students I enjoy teaching so much,” notes Sara.

She appreciates the opportunities provided by teaching in different classrooms.

“I love that every new classroom I walk into inspires me with ideas for the future. The diverse range of personalities I encounter everyday has given me patience, understanding, and a better idea of what management skills work for different types of students. I am now much more calm as a teacher and person, because I have a larger scale to compare behaviours to. At the end of the day, even in a challenging classroom where I have had a hard time, I get sweet notes, drawings and comments from the students who assure me I am their favourite substitute,” Sara explains. 

Shannon Dubé, President, ATA Local 48 and, Grade Five and Six Support at Timberlea Public School dubs “TOCs vital and essential to our Local and the districts in maintaining our day-to-day.”

“If classroom teachers need to be away, we take solace knowing that our classrooms and students will be cared for, taught, and organized by other fellow members and colleagues,” she notes. 

Shana Janisse, TOC Coordinator, FMPSD, is grateful to substitute teachers.

“I want to thank you all sincerely for your hard work. You do a tremendous job and it is duly noted.”

“This year we launched our new Book a Job program in September. It has allowed TOCs to see jobs according to their availability and book them online. It is working out well and according to our statistics well received by our substitute teachers. I want to thank all TOCs for their patience with the new process. Looking forward to many more years to work alongside all of you,” Shana adds. 

Phil Meagher, Chief Deputy Superintendent, FMPSD, thanks substitute teachers.

“Substitute Teachers are the unsung heroes of our District. They keep our classes going no matter what. The Fort McMurray Public School District is grateful for the individual commitments of our substitute teachers, which makes our team that much stronger.”

Thank you to all our substitute teachers. We appreciate you.