An exciting 2018-19 in the Works for Greely Road Public School

Llona Plamondon with James Sedgwick, Greely Road PrincipalLlona Plamondon with James Sedgwick, Greely Road Principal

Llona Plamondon would like you to register your children at Greely Road Public School. Here’s why:

“Greely has a real small town, small school feel. This enables them to go above and beyond for their students and us. Our Principal, James Sedgwick, knows every student and their families. He is out front every morning either sweeping the sidewalk, or playing hockey with students. It’s great to see this,” she enthuses.

She has been a Greely parent for two years now, and has a son and a daughter in Kindergarten and grade two respectively. It’s the Greely Road staff that has kept the Plamondons invested in the school.

“The teachers are dedicated and passionate. My grade two daughter is autistic and nonverbal. The teachers have been amazing with her. The difference is night and day from last year. Her teachers have given her the confidence to explore the world. They are her second family. She has never been bullied. The students overlook her episodes, and I see them giving her hugs randomly,” Plamondon adds.

This passion and dedication is evident as Greely continues to thrive as a Leader in Me school - seeing huge success with the initiative. Leader in Me was launched last year, and believes every student can be a leader.

Principal James Sedgwick speaks to the initiative, and the extensive programming during and after school.

"All our assemblies are student-led now. Students are heading the Recycling Club too. Grades four through six run playground activities for the younger ones. Tyler Smith, our APPLE Schools coordinator trained a dozen or so division two students for these activities. And, we are excited how this will grow next year,” Sedgwick notes.

“We have the Boys and Girls Club at the school. There is Full Circle Mentoring, which is an after-school Aboriginal program for all students focusing on crafts/activities with Aboriginal themes. During the school day we have Instruments of Change, primarily focusing on guitar, and some keyboard. Local musician Dave Martin works with students one on one, or in groups, and does a great job. There is Learning Through the Arts as well,” Sedgwick continues.

Cooking Club, Bricks 4 Kids, and a Board Games Club also make up the extracurricular line-up. In addition, the school offers a free lunch program to all students, thanks to a grant from Alberta Education.


                                                                                                                Student leaders assisting Mr. Sedgwick in the front office 

Speaking of line-up, Plamondon is excited for a more active parent council coming to the school this fall.

“We have a lot more parents aware now when it comes to the importance of a school council. It was started last year, but never went beyond paperwork. So we are excited to re-launch.”

Another launch to look forward to is KEEP - Kindergarten Expanded Education Program. This will bring expanded Kindergarten to Greely Road for September 2018-19 if enough parents show interest. KEEP will have a maximum charge of $200 per month. It is designed for students residing in the attendance area of the identified school, and will supplement the existing half-day Kindergarten programs in all elementary schools. A review of KEEP’s feasibility and benefits will occur in the Spring of 2019.

“KEEP is a wonderful idea. I’ve heard many parents needing to choose a school based on after-school care. This opportunity is great, so parents don’t have to look elsewhere,” Plamondon notes.

In addition, STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) education will be returning for the fall. The program emphasizes integration of technology with the traditional curriculum. Also significant is the inclusion of the arts, which plays a big part at Greely Road with week-long residencies in both dance and theatre. These are among the many highlights students talk about when reviewing their time at the school.

“Coding has been huge this year. We’ll keep that going, but plan to spend more time on Robotics for 2018-19. We are well-equipped at Greely. All students have either iPADs or Chromebooks. Our Kindergarten teacher uses Ozobot, a small robot focusing on play and creativity. So all our grades are technology infused,” Sedgwick comments.  

He emphasized the collaboration with Fort McMurray Islamic School, which is housed in the same building.

“We not only share a facility, but work together on many joint initiatives. Our students participated in the Terry Fox Run, Pink Shirt Day, and Jump Rope for Heart together this year. We have a lot more collaboration in the works for the new academic year,” he says.


                                                                                         Greely Road and Islamic School came together for this year's Pink Shirt Day

Lori Mercer-Stagg has been teaching at Greely for the last three years, and has “enjoyed every minute of (her) time here.”

“The staff and students make every day an enjoyable one. Teaching in a small school has many advantages as we are one big family. I have developed many relationships with the students whether I’m teaching them or not and that is why I love it here. The parents also play a huge role in making Greely Road a great place to teach as they are very supportive of students and staff. The kids also love coming to school each and every day and seeing all those smiles and enthusiasm has made my Greely Road experience an amazing one,” shares Mercer-Stagg.  

Brittany Eliuk, (photo below) who was recently nominated for the coveted Edwin Parr Award for first-year teachers - is a grade two/three teacher at Greely Road. She dubs the school “a place that sticks close to the heart.”

“Greely Road is a great place to work because it is a small close knit community that makes you feel right at home. You develop such amazing relationships with students, families, and staff. Being here has been such a growthful experience. I am very thankful for all of the strong connections I have made. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and this shows through the students themselves, as they are great inspiring role models,” Eliuk comments.


Finally, it is indeed all about relationships for the Greely Road family. And, Plamondon cherishes this.

“My son was speech and motor skills delayed last year, and this year he’s on par, or above average too than his classmates. I was beyond excited, and cried when I saw the report card. My daughter’s teacher goes out of her way to create a handwritten special report card with pictures to update us on the progress. She’s not required to do this, but she does it. We may have small numbers, but we have the biggest heart of any school in the system. I was hospitalized this winter; James and the staff sent me flowers. It’s all about relationships at Greely, and this is why I recommend the school to everyone.”

Excellent academic, extracurricular programming, a family feel, and so much to look forward to this fall at Greely Road School. Join the Greely family today.

A Community BBQ and Registration Drive will be taking place at Greely Road School on June 20 from 5-7 p.m.

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