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News Release: YMM Parent's Inaugural Top 20 Under 20 Sees 15 FMPSD Students Honoured

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News Release: YMM Parent's Inaugural Top 20 Under 20 Sees 15 FMPSD Students Honoured

(Fort McMurray, AB - June 24, 2019) Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD) congratulates 15 of our students who were honoured at YMM Parent magazine’s inaugural Top 20 Under 20 event on June 20, 2019. The celebration was held at the Fort McMurray International Airport, and was attended by Mayor Don Scott, and community leaders.

“Congratulations to the YMM Parent Top 20 Under 20! This is an amazing program. We have incredible children and youth in our community who are contributing in so many positive ways," said Mayor Scott.

Linda Mywaart, FMPSD Board of Trustees Chair was in attendance, and echoed similar sentiments.

“It was a pleasure to attend the Top 20 Under 20 event and celebrate these young people from FMPSD. These students are leaders now, today, in how they act, speak and envision possibilities, and they will be the backbone of leadership in the future no matter where they are. The people of our region, including these exemplary youth, are the greatest resource we have here,” Chair Mywaart said.

"YMM Parent magazine partnered with the General Assembly of Mayor’s Advisory Council on Youth (MACOY) to launch the Top 20 Under 20 pilot project which stems from YMM Parent’s sister publication Your McMurray Magazine’s Top 50 Under 50," according to the official news release.


Michael Bridgeman, 7, our grade one student at Walter and Gladys Hill Public School was the youngest inductee, and said he felt “very good,” to be on the Top 20 list. Michael was honoured for his “Michael’s Hope,” campaign - a fundraiser he launched last year for the local homeless population.

Heteshree Lala, also at Walter and Gladys Hill is in grade four, and was delighted to be named to Top 20.

“I started a coding club, sports club, and cycling club at my school. And, I’m very happy to be here today,” said Heteshree, 9.

Calder Fadden, 17, attends grade 11 at Westwood Community High School and is involved in a number of sports, and arts initiatives at school and in the community.

“I like to keep busy, and was happy to see so many people honoured tonight,” shared Calder.

Elite swimmer, Naomi Slee, 14, attends grade 9 at École McTavish High School.

“I feel so honoured to be recognized for what I do everyday in the pool and at school. It feels like my effort is rewarded,” she enthused.

Doug Nicholls, Superintendent, FMPSD, congratulated all the winners.

“These students are FMPSD leaders. Each of them has contributed by stepping out of their comfort zones to make their schools, and community a better place. The future of our region is in great hands with them. Congratulations all.”

List of FMPSD Winners:

1. Mariam Arain - Westwood Community High School

2. Yashkumar Bhatt - Westwood

3. Michael Bridgeman - Walter and Gladys Hill Public School

4. Jeremy Christopherson - Westwood

5. Calder Fadden - Westwood

6. Alexis House - École McTavish High School

7. Brianna House - Westwood

8. Carter Keca - École Dickinsfield School

9. Heteshree Lala - Walter and Gladys Hill

10. Judah Legaree - Westwood

11. Samuel Metacat-Yah - FM Composite High School

12. Sean Onamade - École McTavish

13. Lokesh Patel  - Westwood

14. Naomi Slee - École McTavish

15. Salima Thibault  - École McTavish

Congratulations everyone.

Event photo album can be seen here

For more information, please contact:

Kiran Malik-Khan

Communications Manager

Fort McMurray Public School District #2833

Cell: 780-880-7666

Work: 780-788-8009