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News Release: FMPSD Ready to Graduate Class of 2019

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Please know that we are all working together to make sure that E-cademy+ is a quality online program for your children. E-cademy+ is NOT the same as at home learning which happened last March-June.  It is much more robust and includes all of the curriculum areas.  It requires parents to be dedicated to making sure students are online daily with their teacher and completing assignments.

Administrators are busy handling two schools (their brick and mortar school as well as E-cademy+).  If you filled out the FMPSD E-cademy+ Interest Form, we are working as fast as we can to get to you. Elementary, Junior High and Senior High all have different requirements, so you may hear from Elementary before you hear from Junior High or Senior High (who are busy staffing and pulling schedules together to meet student needs).

Click on the buttons below and you will find information that was emailed to you.  Sometimes these emails go to your SPAM box, so please check before phoning.


Technology that is required for E-cademy+ is not one specific brand or type.  As long as students have something with a working camera and a microphone such as a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook, then you are good to go!  Students should also have headphones to block out background noise.  

The deadline to register for E-cademy+ is September 10th at 4pm.  The process is to submit your expression of interest HERE, and then patiently wait for a phone call from Division Office followed by sharing of information on next steps.  Students can move back to brick and mortar schools after the first report card if they choose, but we are asking that they remain with E-cademy+ until then.

News Release: FMPSD Ready to Graduate Class of 2019

Frank Spragins High School Graduates at Last Year's CeremonyFrank Spragins High School Graduates at Last Year's Ceremony

(Fort McMurray, AB - June 26, 2019) The big day is almost here, and Class of 2019 is ready! Fort McMurray Public School District (FMPSD) students are all set to walk down the graduation aisle on Friday, June 28, 2019. Westwood Community High School, and Frank Spragins High School will have their ceremonies in the morning and afternoon at MacDonald Island and Keyano Theatre respectively. Fort McMurray Composite High School hosted an early graduation on May 25. An estimated 318 FMPSD students are graduating this year. 

James Hayward, Principal, Frank Spragins High School says “the class of 2019 will always hold a special place in my heart as the graduating class of my first year as Principal at Frank Spragins High School.”

“They are a hard-working, resilient, and caring group of students, and I will never forget the warm welcome they gave me when I started at the school. The entire Frank Spragins staff and I are exceedingly proud of them - and although they will be dearly missed, we are excited to see the amazing things we know they will do after high school,” Hayward noted.

Cynthia Shelley, Principal, Westwood Community High School dubs graduation, “one of the best days of the year.”

“I can not think of a better culmination to the school year. It is a day that we get to celebrate all of the hard work that has been accumulated over 13 years of a student's life. As teachers, it is a day that we stand in celebration with our students, and their family and friends.”

“It is also a time of reflection. We reminisce about the students at their best; whether that is a basketball game, a performance or just the overall resiliency a student has shown. We have seen how hard the graduates have worked to achieve this milestone and it is a moment of pride to know that we have helped them through that path. Congratulations to the 200 Westwood graduates of 2018-2019!” Shelley noted.

For Danny Tulk, Principal, Fort McMurray Composite High School (FMCHS), graduation was a “fantastic day of celebration and achievement.”

“The theme for the year was 1920’s Hollywood and the grad committee, led by Mr. Phinney and the grads were able to beautifully transform our school to be reminiscent of a scene from Casablanca. Kids were able to focus on exams and academics for the rest of the year as grad and prom were completed early. It was a great event and the last week of May looks to be something that will become a graduation tradition at Composite High for the foreseeable future.”

“As we watched our 70 grads walk across the stage this year, the dichotomy of graduation is revealed. These students have worked so hard for this and been part of the fabric of FMCHS for years, now they move on. We are elated and excited for their future and success, but there is also that sadness in their departure, as students are an integral part of the FMCHS family,” Tulk commented.

Superintendent Doug Nicholls congratulated the Class of 2019.

“Graduation day is definitely one of our favourite events. We wish the Class of 2019 the best of everything. We believe we have had a positive influence and have provided a strong foundation for our students as they move forward to post-secondary education or the workforce. Thank you parents and staff for all of your support.”

Congratulations Class of 2019!

For more information, please contact:

Kiran Malik-Khan

Communications Manager

Fort McMurray Public School District #2833

Cell: 780-880-7666

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