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FMPSD All Set to Host Annual TAS Open House to Seek Substitute Teachers

Information for Registered Families

Welcome to E-cademy+

Please know that we are all working together to make sure that E-cademy+ is a quality online program for your children. E-cademy+ is NOT the same as at home learning which happened last March-June.  It is much more robust and includes all of the curriculum areas.  It requires parents to be dedicated to making sure students are online daily with their teacher and completing assignments.

Administrators are busy handling two schools (their brick and mortar school as well as E-cademy+).  If you filled out the FMPSD E-cademy+ Interest Form, we are working as fast as we can to get to you. Elementary, Junior High and Senior High all have different requirements, so you may hear from Elementary before you hear from Junior High or Senior High (who are busy staffing and pulling schedules together to meet student needs).

Click on the buttons below and you will find information that was emailed to you.  Sometimes these emails go to your SPAM box, so please check before phoning.


Technology that is required for E-cademy+ is not one specific brand or type.  As long as students have something with a working camera and a microphone such as a laptop, desktop, or Chromebook, then you are good to go!  Students should also have headphones to block out background noise.  

The deadline to register for E-cademy+ is September 10th at 4pm.  The process is to submit your expression of interest HERE, and then patiently wait for a phone call from Division Office followed by sharing of information on next steps.  Students can move back to brick and mortar schools after the first report card if they choose, but we are asking that they remain with E-cademy+ until then.

FMPSD All Set to Host Annual TAS Open House to Seek Substitute Teachers

If you have a few hours to spare, or looking to make a difference in the lives of youth - Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) has just the job for you. How about becoming a Teaching Assistant Supervisor (TAS)? You are invited to learn more during an open house on Friday, November 22 at Division Office. 231 Hardin St. It runs from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.

An FMPSD TAS is an on-call substitute teacher with a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Currently, we have 57 Teaching Assistant Supervisors, but in need for more. The open house is an opportunity to get information about what to expect during a workday at a school, strategies on classroom management and tips for working with young people as well as the opportunity to network with the Division’s leadership team, and other TASs - to name a few.

Here’s what Kristy Surge (photo below), a seasoned TAS would like to share. 

“Every day is different, yet each is rewarding when you get to work with amazing FMPSD students and staff. The flexibility of the schedule works well for our family as small business owners with busy schedules. I have four children in the Division currently in grades 5, 7, 9, and 12,” shares Sturge, who has been a TAS for three years now. 


“My advice for people considering this is to attend the TAS Open House to learn more and see if this is for you. It's a rewarding job with flexible hours, I like the ability to be off for the summer with my kids, and the opportunity to engage the youth of our community.”

Sturge adds, FMPSD is always there to help. 

“The teachers always leave detailed lesson plans which help with curriculum continuity and class routines. School staff is always friendly and willing to help if I have any questions. I feel that one of the most important parts of my day is getting to know the students and how I can help them while their teacher is away. We have amazing youth in our city who are going to do incredible things, I am very fortunate to get to work with so many of them and get to know them through my job. I’ve volunteered with various community youth organizations over the years which also led to the position being a good fit for me,” Sturge enthuses. 

Sky Seidel agrees. He joined the Division only two months ago, and is enjoying being a TAS. 

“I have been working and volunteering for FMPSD through external organizations for a couple of years now, so when I learned there was a need for substitutes, I jumped at the opportunity. If you have a passion for teaching and care about the next generation coming up here in Fort McMurray, being a TAS is very rewarding,” shares Seidel, who is one of the producers for the District Recording Studio located at Composite High School.


And, he too has a few pieces of advice.

“My main advice is to be up for anything. Don’t place limits on what classes or ages you will teach until you give it a try. You might surprise yourself and really excel in a new area and expand your own skill set in the process.”

Shana Janisse, TOC (Teachers on Call) Coordinator for FMPSD notes, working as a TAS is “very satisfying, it gives you the opportunity to work with students in an educational environment and make a difference. You are responsible for teaching the class and maintaining order throughout the day. The children look to you for guidance and instruction.”

“The annual Open House is very informative as information changes on an annual basis, and we add new items,” she explains.

Merrie-Rae Mitsopoulos, Director of Administration agrees. 

“If you enjoy working with young people, and are interested in sharing knowledge with a flexible schedule, we highly encourage you to check out the Open House and learn more. You can help us in Doing What’s Best for Kids.” 

A criminal record check, university degree in any discipline, and three professional references are required to become a TAS. We hope to see you on November 22.

Register Here for the TAS Training Session

Apply for the Job Posting Here

For more information, contact Shana Janisse via shana.janisse@fmpsd.ab.ca.