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News Release: École Dickinsfield School ECDP to Grade 3 Move Online Due to COVID Cases

News Release: École Dickinsfield School ECDP to Grade 3 Move Online Due to COVID Cases

(Fort McMurray, AB, April 7, 2021) Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases at École Dickinsfield School ECDP (Early Childhood Development Program) to grades 3 will be shifting to online learning from April 12-16. Based on Alberta Health Services (AHS) confirmation and parent notification we currently have 11 staff and 119 students in quarantine between ECDP and Grade 3. Ten individuals to date have tested positive for COVID-19, of these cases, seven have been confirmed by AHS to be the variant of concern (UK). 

Many of these families were also close contacts at the Wheaton-Penney Childcare Centre (EI 2021-3486). École Dickinsfield has early years programming for children ages 3 and 4, as a result, some of these families attended both the child care centre and the school. This is the reason that those cases have been contained to early years students and their families.

“Currently we are working hard to ensure that all children from the childcare centre who also attend our school have had accurate contact tracing completed by the AHS School Investigation Team. The school has collected excellent records and we have shared them with AHS for further assistance,” noted Jennifer Turner, Superintendent, FMPSD. 

“As these grades move to online learning, the administrative team will be able to work out technology-related logistics as needed for students. We are able to accommodate any students who cannot find childcare options. Staff not in isolation are able to remain in the building to access teaching materials,” Superintendent Turner added.

Grades 4-6 will attend classes in-person when school starts on Monday, April 12 following spring break. Currently all cases of isolation are contained within the ECDP to Grade 3 grouping. 

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