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News Release: FMPSD ​Launches Website to Remind Community of Home Education Opportunities

News Release: FMPSD ​Launches Website to Remind Community of Home Education Opportunities

(Fort McMurray, AB, April 23, 2021) Fort McMurray Public Schools would like to remind the community of home education opportunities provided by the Division. And, we have launched a website to offer a myriad of supports for this purpose: https://sites.google.com/fmpsd.ab.ca/home-education-centre/

FMPSD’s at-home learning programs are designed for families who wish for flexibility in their child’s education. We offer a wide variety of program choices and Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) staff will work with parents to select a program that best fits their child’s needs.

Sarah Hiscock, Home Education Coordinator, FMPSD explains. 

“We offer both home education and at-home learning. Home education is when a parent chooses to educate the child at home. We call this parent-led. The parent decides what curriculum they want to use, and is responsible for the home education program. Many parents prefer to have the flexibility and choice in a home education program because it works with their family and their lifestyle.”

“We also offer at-home learning programs, such as E-cademy+ and module-based learning through Frank Spragins High School. These programs are teacher-led, which means the child still learns at home, but the teacher is responsible for curriculum and assessment.”

For parent-led home education, there are many benefits to registering with FMPSD to supervise your home education program. The primary one is having access to in-person consultation and support. If parents choose, one of the responsibilities of the home education supervisor is to support the parents in the creation of their home education plan.  

“Parents are welcome to meet with me to get advice and support if they choose to avail this  service. Also, there is more flexibility in scheduling the home education visits, as I live in the community. We are currently planning some gatherings, socials, and workshops for our home education families for next year so they can get to know each other as well,” she continues. 

“Another important thing to note is that some supervising home education divisions require parents to return purchased materials with their home education funding at the end of the school year. We do not do that. Parents who purchase materials for their child's program are not expected to return these items to the school. We understand that they will continue to be used for the child's at-home learning. Most importantly, you will find that we are supportive of parents who choose to home educate. We also support faith-based at home learning programs and offer the opportunity for blended learning opportunities at both our Christian and Islamic Schools,” added Hiscock. 

Annalee Nutter, Associate Superintendent, Education, encouraged everyone to register with FMPSD.

“We have wonderful supports available for families. And, Sarah is incredible at what she does as she’s been with the Division for over 15 years now. Join the FMPSD Family today and see how we’re doing what’s best for our community.”

A Home Education Information Session will take place on Tuesday, April 27 at 6 p.m. Meeting Link: meet.google.com/ogv-qmio-bng. 

For more information, please contact 

Sarah Hiscock 

Home Education Coordinator

Fort McMurray Public School Division