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News Release: Westwood Student Offered $120,000 University of San Francisco Scholarship

News Release: Westwood Student Offered $120,000 University of San Francisco Scholarship

(Fort McMurray, AB, June 18, 2021) A more accurate headline would have read “Shreeya Patel Declines $120,000 University of San Francisco Scholarship,” because that’s exactly what happened. Fort McMurray Public School Division (FMPSD) congratulates Shreeya, our grade 12, Westwood Community High School student on winning the outstanding scholarship, but she has decided instead to attend Columbia University in New York to pursue Engineering. 

"I am absolutely honoured to be offered such funding. It truly means a lot to know that many individuals would like to invest in my future to support my pursuit of further education. Although I will not be attending the University of San Francisco, it was incredible news for me to see what the last three years of tenacity and academic rigour have opened up for me in terms of financial help.”

“Attending Columbia (where she will be receiving financial aid of about the same amount) will be a big change, but I am looking forward to new experiences and opportunities in NYC. Since the first year will be general engineering studies, I truly hope I can find out more about engineering specializations then and enjoy my time fully,” notes Shreeya, who is a well-known name across Fort McMurray now for her many achievements ranging from being named the youngest ever Woman of Inspiration, being a published children’s author to championing STEM for girls, and playing varsity sports, to name a few. Her resume does not read like she’s only 18. 

Once again, Cynthia Shelley, Principal, Westwood Community High School can’t say enough about Shreeya.

“We are so very thrilled for Shreeya for such a remarkable offer of a $120,000 scholarship from the University of San Francisco. When she first shared the news with us last week, we were amazed but not surprised. When she then shared that she was going to decline the offer because she was accepted into Columbia University in NY, we were slightly dazed to be honest ... by both notions!” 

“This young lady continues to impress and I know she will continue to do so in her promising future. Shreeya jumps in with both feet with everything that she undertakes. She is an honours AP student, as well as an incredible artist and athlete. Westwood provides opportunities for students to shine and Shreeya has done that and more! She even found time to coach elementary students at Westview in her busy schedule. Her hard work, creativity and astounding achievements can be summed up in one word: INSPIRATIONAL!" Shelley adds.

Inspirational is what Jennifer Turner, Superintendent FMPSD also dubs Shreeya.

“Congratulations Shreeya! To be offered an amazing scholarship, decline, and go to Columbia is not something that happens to everyone. We are so proud of you. Thank you for all you have done at Westwood and in Fort McMurray. You have left a lasting legacy. We are keen on hearing about your continued success. We know you’ll change the world for the better. Keep on shining!”

Congratulations Shreeya!

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Kiran Malik-Khan

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