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Staff Directory

Executive Officers
Turner, Jennifer - Superintendent of Schools
Meagher, Phil - Chief Deputy Superintendent, HR and Administration
Kallal, Allan - Associate Superintendent Business & Finance
Noble, Shannon - Assistant Superintendent, Inclusive Education
Mitsopoulos, Merrie-Rae - Director, Education
Blanchette, Rhonda - Early Learning Coordinator
Ezeh, Celestine - Accounting Supervisor
Administrative Assistant
Bourque, Stephanie - Administrative Assistant, Business & Finance
Krahn, Gloria - Receptionist
Crewe, Teresa - Administrative Assistant, Education
Patey, Leanne - Administrative Assistant, HR
Malik-Khan, Kiran - Communications Manager
Easton, Abbi - Supervisor of Educational Technology
Syed, Ali - Director of Information Technology and Digital Communications
Bambridge, Elaine - Student Information Systems Coordinator
Benson, Connie - IT Technician
Borges, Miguel - Enterprise Systems, VOIP and Web Resources
Human Resources
Acheson, Linda - Human Resources Coordinator
Janisse, Shana - Teacher On Call Coordinator
Pilgrim, Lonnie - Director of Buildings and Maintenance